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5 HVAC Myths Demystified

In a world swirling with old wives tales, urban legends, and myths, it’s no surprise that the hvac myths Mechanicsburg PA HVAC industry is rife with mistakes as well. From pesky little half-truths to money-eating monsters, every homeowner has a theory about how to save money on their heating and cooling needs. We’re here to set the record straight.

  1. Closing Your Vents Will Save Money – A lot of people assume that closing your vents in unused rooms will save money as the heat is no longer being distributed in those rooms. Actually, closing the vents to unused rooms makes the system more likely to get off balance. In the long run, closing the vents is going to cost MORE money.
  2. Location of the Thermostat Isn’t a Big Deal – The location of the thermostat in your home is one of the most important things you can plan out, because the thermostat is reading the temperature in that location and deciding whether or not to kick on. Improper placement of your home thermostat can lead to inadequate heating and cooling.
  3. Turning Up/Down the Thermostat will Make it Hotter/Colder Faster – This is not in any way accurate. No matter what temperature your thermostat is set on, the environment will heat or cool at the same rate. Turning the thermostat up or down to extremes isn’t making the air blow out any faster. In fact, most people are likely to forget that they jacked up the temperature, and this tactic will cost more.
  4. Air Filters, Shmair Filters – Air filters must be changed every three months to keep your system functioning at the optimal level. Dirty air filters make a system have to work harder, not to mention all of the dust and debris that is not being properly filtered from your home. Every three months.
  5. It Sounds Fine, Must Be Okay – HVAC units need checkups to keep running at its best. Inspections by HVAC professionals will ensure that your system doesn’t need anything to improve its function, and make sure that your system can handle the upcoming season for heating or air conditioning.

At A.C. Rimmer, we want our clients to know the truth about what’s best for their heating and cooling system! Contact us for all your HVAC needs!


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